Promotional Materials Order Form
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Dealer Name:
Note: This information is for shipping only. See imprint details below.

Please place my order for the following:

Poster Set (24" x 36")
@ $30.00 per set

2' x 8' Show Banner
Rail banners @ $110.00 no personalization
Qty. Residential banners @ $120.00 with personalization

Banner or sign imprint information:
Other than your company name, we suggest a phone number, city and state because of space limitations.
(Main Line)
(Address Line)

Mounted Color Show Prints
List Fence Name (If you are requesting more than one view, list separately):
Qty. 8x10 @ $21.00
Qty. 11x14 @ $26.00
Qty. 16x20 @ $38.00

"Before and After" VHS Tapes
Qty. 60 minute continuous play @$44.00
Qty. Single play version @$12.00

Magnetic Panels (18" x 24")
Qty. @$64.00 or @$128.00/pair

Vinyl Door Decals (fits within 18" x 24")
Qty. @$54.00 or @$108.00/pair

24" x 48" Rigid Vinyl Dealer Sign (indoor)
Qty. @$64 w/out pers or @$74 personalized

Notice: All Next Day Air packages carry a $20 additional charge.
Pkg & Shipping (UPS Surface) add $ 20

Total Due $

All orders must be sent to:
Nebraska Plastics, Inc.
P.O. Box 45
Cozad, NE 69130
Call 800-662-2936 or Fax 308-784-3216
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
Sorry, we cannot send products without payment.

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